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Toyota Brake Pad Replacement and Routine Toyota Brake Service

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Toyota Brakes

Toyota Front Disc Brakes

Toyota Brake Pads
Each Toyota disc requires 2 brake pads that fit within the Toyota brake caliper

The Toyota pads are finished with a high friction material. Choosing pads with a different coefficient of friction can lead to a trade off between braking performance and service life. High performace brake pads are generally noisier.

Toyota Brake Discs
Each wheel has a brake disc or brake rotor fixed to the wheel hub. The Toyota disc has 2 parallel braking surfaces; vented to help dissipate heat. It's possible for the disc to warp if it overheats and held in contact with the brake pads.

Toyota Brake Discs and Pads Fitting

It is generally quite easy to visually check if the brake pads or discs on your Toyota have worn and need replacing.

Toyota Disc Brakes

Toyota Manufacturer fitted Discs will be designed for standard vehicle applications. Aftermarket Discs can alter braking performance characteristics.

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